Avoiding Damage From Trees

Avoiding Damage From Trees

At over five thousand years old, the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine tree remains one of earth’s oldest living organisms. This incredible lifespan suggests an unmatched hardiness and toughness that stands the test of time. However, a tree’s longevity fails to provide immunity from Mother Nature. Thunderstorms, high winds, blizzards and freezing rain easily break even the oldest tree limbs and rarely hesitate to uproot even the strongest tree.


A falling tree or large branch usually causes serious damage to property — and sometimes people, which can be devastating. Shattered windows, crushed cars, collapsed roofs and tragic and even fatal accidents occur when amateurs attempt tree removal. Predicting Mother Nature, or how a tree will weather her fury, remains futile, but you can take steps to reduce the risks.


The best preventive measure — stay aware of the dangers around you. Closely observing the condition of trees around your property helps you know ahead of time the possibility of a fall, and if you will require professional tree removal services.


First, check if your trees contains large dead branches, or multiple smaller dead branches. Next, look to see if there is thin leaf cover in any area or whether the tree is shedding its leaves earlier than other trees of the same species. Finally, inspect the trunk for sections of missing bark or signs of insect infestation. Identifying these signs early on will let you know your tree may be sick or dying and give you time to act.


Annual professional tree trimming and regular maintenance represents the most cost-effective measure when looking to prevent tree damage. Removing dead or dying branches from a tree reduces a potential hazard before it can cause damage to your property. The removal of these dead limbs also promoting the tree’s health by allowing room for new growth. The healthier the tree, the less likely it will fall. In addition to the removal of dead branches, your professional tree specialist will be able to spot trouble areas that may cause problems in the future — such as crossing branches that can rub and break, tree forks that are too large to be supported and codominant leaders that can split a tree.


An older tree on your property becomes an integral part of the landscape. Unfortunately, as this old friend ages, potentially dangerous hazards lurk beneath the surface. To  adequately protect your property, removing a tree before it falls remains the best option. Whether from age, storm damage or disease, an unsafe tree represents a potential hazard to people and property.


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