Why Is Annual Tree Maintenance Important?

Why Is Annual Tree Maintenance Important?

Annual tree maintenance not only promotes tree health and improves the look of your property, but also helps to maintain a balanced ecosystem in your yard.

When a tree professional prunes and removes dead limbs and damaged branches from your tree, the health of the tree improves immediately and dramatically. However, a smart property owner adds some additional tree maintenance to ensure proper growth, reduce potential damage and maintain an aesthtic landscape around their home or business.

Here are three things you can do to prevent potential tree damage:

  • Watering: Water is key to the survival of every living thing on the planet. A tree without a sufficient water supply may be more susceptible to diseases and unnecessary shedding. During dry periods, your trees aren’t getting the water supply they need — Make sure your trees get watered at least once per week. It’s most effective if watering takes place in the morning.
  • Pruning: Knowing when your trees are ready to be trimmed prevents the risk of destroying living limbs. Often times the tree may just be in a dormant stage which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dead. Reasons for trimming the tree should include — maintaining and reducing its size, allowing healthy branches to be exposed, and training your tree for ideal growth.
  • Fertilizing: Be very careful when fertilizing because trees naturally don’t require fertilizer. Instead of fertilizing your tree when first planted, we recommend that you wait until the start of the second growing season to apply your fertilizer.

Annual tree maintenance is definitely important if you want to have an appealing yard. By following these steps you will have long lasting, aesthetic trees on your lot.

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