Should I Remove That Tree?

Should I Remove That Tree?

Trees add beauty and value to your property. They provide habitats for neighborhood animals, shade for your yard and overall increase your property value. However, they also cause  potential harm to your property if they become damaged or diseased. It is important to remove these possible risk factors before they cause further damage.

Often times it is hard to tell whether a tree needs removal. However, there are warning signs of when a tree is damaged, dying or at risk of causing harm to your property.

Avoid property damage with these signs that your tree needs removal:

  • Holes in the trunk: Cavities form in the trunk of a tree when the tree prunes itself, often by losing a branch. This leads to decay and sometimes disease within the tree. Without proper care, after time these trees often end up dying, resulting in a large risk factor for your property.
  • Missing bark: If you notice a tree with patches of missing bark or deep cracks in it, it’s possibly time to remove it from your property. These spots on trees make it more likely for the tree to break or split at that section.
  • Dead branches: When trees begin to lose bits of branches, or entire branches, there is an issue. Dead branches are a sign that the tree is dying and needs to be removed quickly. Dead branches fall at any given time, causing harm to your property.
  • Loss of leaves: When a tree visibly loses its leaves from the outside in, it’s a sign that there is root issues. The roots are where the tree gets all of its nutrients and water from and what keeps the tree standing. Without a healthy root system, the tree becomes in danger of falling.
  • Rotten roots: Often rotten roots of a tree are hard to identify. Signs of rotten tree roots include mushroom growth around the base of the tree, patches of missing bark, deep cracks and the development of dark vertical streaks.

Protect your property and know whether your trees are healthy or in need of removal before further damage occurs.

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